Diona Janssen


Diona Janssen instructor and search dog guide at K9 STES.


From October 2019, Diona will support the K9 STES team as an all-round employee. Within the company, she will mainly focus on detection lessons and work with a specialist tracking dog. In addition to her main activities, Diona will also be present at demonstrations, workshops and courses organized by K9 STES.


Diona loves animals and has therefore started following the animal care training and veterinary assistant paraveterinary. She has successfully completed both. During her MBO training she has gained experience with dogs in several places. During her internship at a working dog kennel, she learned to work with tracking and police dogs. Because of the diversity in breeds, Diona can adapt well to the needs of the dog. She knows how to motivate every dog ​​and takes into account the wishes of the owner. She was able to expand her experience with dogs during an internship at a veterinary practice, where she learned to observe and calm the dog during the examination.


In her free time Diona can be found a lot at the dog school, where she and her 2 dogs Boy and Mienka follow behavior and obedience with good results. With her dog Boy crossbreed dog she has already obtained several degrees and is now training for GG1 on a national level. With her 2nd dog Mienka the Labrador Retriever, which she has adopted through her old internship address, she is now training for the VEG advanced exam.


Diona has not finished learning yet, and will therefore follow the training as a canine instructor. She also keeps her knowledge and skills up to date by reading books, attending seminars, workshops and lectures.



In training as a canine instructor

Mbo 4 veterinary assistant 

Mbo 3 animal care

K9 search dog handle