• Fred Guit

    Fred Guit, founder of K9 STES and Master Class Coach & instructor of sniffer, detection and police dogs, started his career at the Dutch royal navy.

    After his career at the navy he joined the police force were he started to work with dogs. He worked as a dog handler of surveillance and narcotics sniffer dogs, for 26 years.

    After that, Fred Guit worked in the Middle-East and the USA as a trainer and kennel master. He trained explosive sniffer dogs, surveillance dogs and dog handlers.
    He did this commissioned by the king of Jordan and the American company Blackwater.

    In 2010 he started to work for Securitas Aviation on Schipohol airport in the Netherlands. He trained dog handlers and started the project R.E.S.T. (Remote Explosive Scent Tracing).

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  • Veronique Guit

    Veronique Guit is co-owner of K9 STES and Fred Guit's wife.

    Veronique is mostly busy with training and socializing new, young, unexperienced dogs. She can also be deployed with one of the dogs for a variety of sniffing/detection task.

    She started her career as a sales and nutrition specialist at a pet shop. After her sales career she specialized in working dogs.

    She extended her career and works as a dog handler of surveillance and sniffer dogs. She preformed this tasks mostly for Schiphol airport (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and the Dutch railway company.

    Veronique completed various courses and trainings besides her field experience. She attend lectures, courses and seminars to keep herself up-to-date.

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  • Diona Janssen


    Diona Janssen instructor and search dog guide at K9 STES.


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  • Ady de Bruin

    Ady de Bruin guest teacher and instructor for tracking / detection dogs.

    In daily life Ady is a taxi driver for school-going children and from July 2019 she will voluntarily support the K9 STES team.

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  • Mambo

    Mambo cross Boxer - Spanish Water Dog - German Sherperd ,is used for detecting electrical interference in the low and middle voltage network.


  • Joop

    Belgian shepherd, male, 5 years old.

    Joop can be deployed as a tracking dog for Mantrailing and diesel leaks.

    Joop is very energetic what makes him very useful for the "rough, big objects".

  • Lady

    Belgian shepherd, female, 3 years old.

    Lady is used for detecting electrical interference in the low and middle voltage network.


  • Darco

    Belgian shepherd, male, 5 years old.

    Darco is originally a security surveillance dog and certified for this purpose.

    He is used for surveillance and tracking.

    Darco is an allround dog.

  • Hond Ebby


    English Springer Spaniel, female, 1 year

    Ebby is trained as detection dog narcotics

  • Sky

    Sky cross Labrador Retriever of 5 months. Sky is being trained as a tracking dog.