Fred Guit

Fred Guit, founder of K9 STES and Master Class Coach & instructor of sniffer, detection and police dogs, started his career at the Dutch royal navy.

After his career at the navy he joined the police force were he started to work with dogs. He worked as a dog handler of surveillance and narcotics sniffer dogs. After 26 years, Fred searched for a new challenge. He quits his job at the police force and started to work abroad.

In the Middle-East and the USA he worked as a trainer/instrucor and kennel master. He trained explosive sniffer dogs, surveillance dogs and dog handlers.
He did this commissioned by the king of Jordan and the American company Blackwater.

Fred returned to the Netherlands after 10 years working in high treat enviroments. In 2010 he started to work for Securitas Aviation on Schipohol airport in the Netherlands. Securitas Aviation works with explosive and narcotics sniffer dogs. He trained dog handlers and started the project R.E.S.T. (Remote Explosive Scent Tracing).

After 3 years at Securitas Aviation, he started at K10 Workingdogs. He trained sniffer and detection dogs, who were trained for government agencies wordwide. Because of his knowledge and experience, Fred trained, commissioned by K10 workingdogs, serveral narcotics and money sniffer dogs for the Maladives. He also traveled to the Maladives to train new, unexperienced dog handlers for the police force.

After this project he started to focus on coaching and guiding students of the Helicon College in Boxtel, the Netherlands. He was a weekly guest-teacher for the subject sniffer dogs.

Training and courses

 Further training Master Class Coach, KNPV, ABA basis and advanced Tinley Academy.

Master Class Coach, KNPV ( modules behavior,dogs scent education, learning principles, training methods, communication, didactics,organization and first aid dog)

Dogs scent education module 1, Tinley academy

Basic Knowledge dog trainer, KNPV

Various courses (abroad) of personal security/protection ( high treat enviroment), instructor sniffer dogs, teamleader and kennel master.

Various courses of weapon training, detective training, narcotics training, youth criminality, dog handler training, instructor service dog training.

Police Academy Netherlands