Ady de Bruin

Ady de Bruin guest teacher and instructor for tracking / detection dogs.

In daily life Ady is a taxi driver for school-going children and from July 2019 she will voluntarily support the K9 STES team.

Ady trains  with her Malinois shepherd Yari for the police dog certificate. She now has more than 20 years of experience in training police dogs and obtaining the corresponding certificate. Because she wants to broaden her knowledge, she obtained her Basic Knowledge Dresseur diploma at the KNPV in 2018 and she started to take detection lessons at K9 STES together with her Malinois Shepherd Yari.

Because Ady would like to pass on her knowledge and experience about dogs to the next generation, she comes to support the team as a guest teacher and instructor during workshops and demonstrations.