K9 STES is an international company, VCA certified which is based in the Netherlands.

K9 STES specializes in working with search dogs that look for power failures, fuels and gases. In addition,

K9 STES offers workshops, lectures and training in the field of working with tracking and detection dogs.


K9 STES offers the possibilities to train any combination of handler and dog to locate narcotics. Since its forbidden by law to be in the possession of narcotics, we teach the dogs to look for psuedo scents. These scents are identical to the real narcotic.

K9 STES mainly trains combinations with a task or function within the military or the government. We offer a variety of training opportunities for beginners, as well for more experienced combinations.
Because no combination is the same, we offer training that meets the need on a case to case basis. 

Electrical failures and gasleak detection

K9 STES can be used with detection dogs in the petrochemical industry.

K9 STES searches for gas leaks, diesel leaks and power failures with specially trained detection dogs.


K9 STES is specialized in training explosives detection dogs and is in possession of an official licence for using explosives for civil use.

K9 STES offers a high level training to combinations who want to specialize in tracing explosives.

Because our knowledge and 10 years field experience in the Middle-East and USA, we are able to train dog handlers and their dog in a realistic scenario.

Remote Scent Tracing System (RSTS)

Remote Scent Tracing System is an effective and fast detection method for searching of specific scent molecules in large volumes and difficult/hard to reach places.

Through vacuum, the specific scent molecules are filtered and presented in a setting. The dog can track the specific scent faster and saves time.